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Pet Urgent Care in Elon, NC

Your pet’s health and well-being are our top priorities, and we believe that urgent situations deserve urgent attention. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated Urgent Care service to address your concerns promptly and with the utmost care.

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Same-Day Appointments, Same-Day Relief

When your beloved companion isn’t feeling their best, waiting for care can feel like an eternity. That’s why we reserve spots in our schedule specifically for urgent care appointments. We know that the worry and stress of seeing your pet unwell can be overwhelming, which is why our team is committed to providing compassionate care when you need it most.

Partnering with You for Your Pet’s Health

At Elon Oaks Veterinary Hospital, we view ourselves as partners in your pet’s health journey. Our Urgent Care service is just one way we strive to support you and your furry family members through every stage of life. When problems arise, count on us to be there, ready to help, and dedicated to restoring your pet’s health and happiness.

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Contact us as soon as possible if your pet needs care so we can fit them into our schedule. Appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Your peace of mind and your pet’s well-being are at the heart of everything we do at Elon Oaks Veterinary Hospital.